Altered Carbon : 10 Interesting Characters For The Fans To Look Up To


Altered Carbon is one such Netflix Original which created a lot of sensation. It has got dystopian futuristic hellscape of quasi-immortality, ultra-violence, wild wealth inequalities. All these made fans to get more engaged with it. The second season already streaming on Netflix. There are a few characters who the fans might not notice much.

1. Takeshi Kovacs :

Despite being an antihero he does do a lot of things. He kills, he protects and melts women like hot butter with his extremely good looks. Even there is a shady past behind him which shows him as a stereotypical good looking old hero.


2. Ortega :

Kristin Ortega is a badass cop. Most of her screen time she yells and scolds the people around her. She is Latina by the origin and bilingual. That is the reason for her changing languages annoyingly while her scoldings. She is a perfect match up to Kovacs. She is a strong feisty cop who can simply crack nuts with her bare thumbs.

3. Lauren Bancroft :

Lauren Bancroft is a wealthy man with many factories under his sleeves. He is more like Asian villains. He hires Kinnaman Kovacs to do his bidding. He enjoys the company of woman a lot and always attract woman with his charm and kills them.

4. Reileen :

She is the original sister of Kovacs. She is more like a cartoon character. We must see what it is left for her in the upcoming seasons. Her character as of now seems like a cliche vamp with a weak motive.

5. Quell :

Quellcrist Falconer is an all-rounder. She is an intelligent scientist at the same time a rebellious fighter. She invents the stack which almost helps people to be immortal. Seeing that the stack is misused by the wealthy she creates the rebellious organization called Envoys and backs in some rebels to bring on the fight.

6. Miriam Bancroft :

She is the kind of woman who every man wants to desire. She is the wife of Mr. Bancroft and has many children. Of whom she is tried of now and always finds new men for a bit of spice as she always loves to be in her natural state i.e naked.

7. Vernon Elliot :

Vernon Elliot is the father of Lizzie and closes one ton, Takeshi Kovacs. He enters the story as Kovacs sees the warning video of his sent to Laurens Bancroft. He does not have much scope in the series other than helping Kovacs in his pursuit.

8. Lizzie Elliot :

She is the daughter of Vernon Elliot. She was initially shown as a prostitute before her stack was destroyed by Oumou Prescott. She somehow gets superpowers and cool ninja moves which brings the twist in the finale.

9. Isaac :

Isaac Bancroft is the son of the Bancroft couple. He is one of twenty others. His problem was being young always as his father wants that like that. But on the other hand,d Isaac Bancroft wants to grow old and get all the responsibilities without any interference from her father. This is a new character that is added to the series which was not there in the book.

10. Poe :

Poe is one of the most enjoyablecharacterssr of all as his specialty to make entertaining talks with people like villains and get the heroes ready for the strike of villains. He is chirpy and extremely loyal.