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Almost Happy Season 2: Release Date, Cast And The Plot Details!

Almost Happy Season 2: Updates, Netflix has recently released a hit Argentine series called “Almost Happy”. Almost Happy is a light drama series that revolves around the life of Sebastian. Season 1 of the series has recently released on the streaming platform of Netflix. Fans are, right away, asking about the next season. Almost Happy is receiving positive reviewers from the viewers. Is the show renewing for another season? Find out in the article!

Almost Happy Season 2: Is It Renewing For Another Season?

The viewers all around are asking whether the show is being renewed. Well, to answer the question, we need to have the ratings and reviewed the first season. The series is just released on Netflix in the month of May. So, it is very early to say anything. Netflix has a certain procedure to renew the show. They study the ratings of the show for a couple of months and then come to a decision.

According to the current stats, the show is gaining positive reviews. And if it continues to do so, Almost Happy Season 2 could be premiered in 2021.

The Expected Cast Of Season 2:

Almost Happy Season 2

The cast could include Sebastián Wainraich, Santiago Korovsky, Natalie Pérez, Adriana Aizemberg, Hugo Arana, and Peto Menahem. Some new faces could also be seen in the upcoming season.

The Plot Of Season 2:

The storyline of the show revolves around the life of Sebastian who is a radio show host. Sebastian wants to do everything perfectly but he ends up in trouble many times. The show revolves around the problems of Sebastian and how when he wants to do the right thing but a mess gets created.

We will keep you updated with the latest news of Almost Happy Season 2.



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