All you need to know about Stranger Things season 4.


” Stranger Things” has been regarded as one of the most popular series that has ever been premiered on Netflix.

Created by The Duffer Brothers and executively produced by Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen and Iain Paterson, Strange Things is an American science fiction-horror web television series that in a very short time had gained immense popularity and had become the talk of the town.


The show’s seasons one, two and three were hits but the finale of the last episode to the third seasons left the audience on a cliffhanger. Thus it was evident that the show would come out with a fourth season soon.

Henceforth Nerds…it’s official, your wishes have been granted. Earlier in September the official Stranger Things Twitter account released a teaser trailer footage confirming the fourth season and the fans can no longer keep their calms.

The trailer portrays a signboard stating ” Welcome to Hawkins” but not so surprisingly it’s “upside-down” alongside what looks like Hopper’s cabin.

The words ” we’re not in Hawkins anymore flash right up on the screen, thereby making out heartthrob immensely.

Moreover, the Twitter account seems to have confirmed that Maya Hawke will be back as Robin for season four.

It also revealed that the first episode of the fourth season will be titled ” The Hellfire Club”, which seems to be a reference to X- men and Dark Phoenix saga.

The comic book saga was first referred to in the first season by Will and Dustin, thus making us wonder if there could be any possible connection.

Rumor has it that there will be four new characters, possibly three teenagers and one adult.

These teens are described as ” Metalhead”, ” Jock” and ” Stoner” and the adult is likely to have something to do with the Russia storyline from season 3.

Moreover, it is anticipated that Hopper’s situation too will be dealt with.

There’s no official start date for filming yet it is suggested that the filming is likely to begin in late January of 2020.

This is safe to say that all our questions will be answered with the premiere of season four at some point in 2021.