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All Day And A Night: A Story Of Reunion

Have you ever looked back at your life and have had realizations about yourself? If your answer is yes, then All Day And A Night is that one movie which you’ll find absolutely relatable! Read up till the end to find out everything that is to be known about the movie.


Written by Joe Robert Cole, Netflix brings to you an American drama film that revolves around a young guy who finds himself in prison and finds out a way to go ahead in life.

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What Is The Plot Of “All Day And A Night’’?

The movie revolves around a young guy, Jahkor played by Ashton Sanders, who finds himself in the same prison as his father that brings to him a series of realizations. He is an aspiring rapper but delves too much into the wrong crowd. His inmate happens to be father, JD.

“All Day And A Night’’ starts off with Jahkor getting caught for killing a drug dealer. He goes to prison and the movie goes back to his life. It projects his entire journey, the various circumstances he lived in, the people he met, that brought him there.

The movie moves on to the father-son reunion and their relationship development. Jahkor and his father try to mend their relationship. Jahkor, who has a son of his own, makes sure that he doesn’t follow the same path as him and lives a good life. 

Cast Of “All Day And A Night’’

The movie features a big cast with four main characters, 

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Is “All Day And A Night” Based On A True Story?

The premise of the movie might be generic but All Day and A Night is not actually based on a true story. Joe Robert Cole who wrote the movie mentions, “This character, Jah, and this story narrative wasn’t too far from what I was growing up around.” 

What added to the authentic dynamic of the story is the fact that Ashton (boy) and Jeffrey (father) had not spent a lot of time together off screen. Hence they were able to portray the father-son reunion to a very real extent. 

When Was “All Day And A Night” Released?

“All Day And A Night” was released on May 1, 2020 on Netflix with a running time of 121 minutes.

Ratings For “All Day And A Night”

“All Day And A Night” has received an approval rating of 57% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average of 6/10.

The film got an average score of 60/100 on Metacritic, giving a mixed review for the same. 

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Reviews About “All Day And A Night”

The movie showcases critical issues with utmost care and thoughtfulness. The story may look common or familiar but it has much more to offer morally and meaningfully. The style of direction has no exaggeration at first and then later, the dramatic extent of the movie unfolds. 

It is a very authentic movie which tells the harsh reality instead of just trying to mild things down. The movie also got mixed reviews by a larger audience. The opinion can be subjective. 

Where was “All Day And A Night” filmed?

The filming of the movie took place in Oakland, California, USA.

Watch the trailer of “All Day And A Night”

If you haven’t seen the movie, I would suggest you do give it a watch. You can start off by watching the trailer and then make your decision regarding the watch!

Joe Robert Cole, who also co-wrote Black Panther is out with another one of his work! Do give it a watch if such realizations amaze you or interest you. 

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