All American Season 3: Release Date And What To Expect ?

All American Season 3

All American Season 3 is closer to its arrival on Netflix, but enthusiasts will still be waiting for its release on the streamer into the summer. The hiatus the show took has pushed the window to get a third-season fall on the platform beyond May.

We are only halfway through the season and, while we now know what happened in Vegas that changed more than 1 relationship, there is still more drama to undergo until the season 3 finale.


Bear in mind, this is our main players’ senior year. What’s high stakes. Friday night lights took a backseat to the psychological storytelling the show concentrated on in the first half of the year, but with scholarships on the line, best believe tensions are high.

Fall out for previous decisions and mistakes are coming for these characters with the quickness. There’s no telling where everybody is going to wind up come to the weekend conclusion. Well, everyone except Simone. We have a few tips on her future strategies considering Geffri Maya will be leading the cast of an All American spin-off at a series set at an HBCU.

All American Season 3

All American Season 3 Release Date On Netflix

In terms of when the next season of All American will be making its debut on Netflix, we have our eye on June 2021. That is if the series does not go on another hiatus.

All American season 3 is set to have a 16-episode run. We crossed to the back half of the season when new episodes began airing on April 12. Without rest in the program, that places the next season finale at the end of May.

CW shows typically drop eight days after the finale, so Netflix fans of All American should have the ability to binge season 3 on June 8 if the season schedule is not impeded by another mini-break.