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Cosmic Sin About

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It is an action film which is based on science fiction.


It is directed by  Edward Drake and it is written by Edward Drake, Corey Large it is produced by Corey large it is starring  Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo, Brandon Thomas Lee ,cinematography is done by Brandon cox the film is edited by Justin Williams the music of the film is given by Scott Glasgow.

 The production companies are 308 entertainment and bandit media capital it is distributed by Saban films the release date of the series is in the year 202.

The running time of the series is 88 minutes and the country of origin is the United States the original languages English.

Cosmic Sin Story

A good story is an important part of the film. The film received positive reviews.
Which is the story which happens in the year which is far away from the current time.

It is about the story revolves around the future it is the story of the year 2031. It is explaining the colony which is the first colony which is found in the bus in the year 2000 42 it shows the technology which is allowing humanity to travel all the solar system it is the colonial which is controlling the three colonies which are earth,Safdie, and Ellora.

Cosmic Sin Cast

The researchers found information about the cast of cosmic sin in a research paper.
Bruce Willis Plays the Role of  James Ford
Frank Grillo Gen Plays the Role of  Eron Ryle
Brandon Thomas Plays the Role of  Lee  Braxton Ryle
Corey Large Plays the Role of  Dash
Perrey Reeves Plays the Role of  Dr. Lea Goss
C.j.perry Plays the Role of  Sol Cantos
Lochlyn Munro Plays the Role of Alex Locke

Cosmic Sin Release Date

The fans are curious to know about the release date that demands a lot for the release date of the film and asking a lot of questions about it so the weight of the fan is now over it is found that the cost accident film was released in the year 2021 on 12th March.

Cosmic Sin Where to Watch

the famous streaming sites are available on Netflix it is streaming on Amazon Prime video as well as it is available on Airtel Xstream you can enjoy it on famous streaming sites and sci-fi  adventure movies. You can even buy or rent it from google play, amazon prime video.

Cosmic Sin Reviews

Views of the fans are an important part of the article so here are some of them it is the movie which pen all the one ring which goes on it has the firm which makes sense.

It is an excellent job which is performed it has got good stars but some parts it also has a big fat as it is got less hl sofa film which is interesting siding and its essential scientist has found this movie amazing for it is better than it is The Bee level movies which are first cal Hath Kal and survived and it has all the that it doesn’t like this movie.

As it is a typical dystopian pure for the future has the downward slope it is intelligent horror and thriller but it was waste shot it is the convincing performance it is freaking out of many reviews for background information.

It is deliberate please send and except for very few brief effectors it is the excuse of creator it has got very less charge which are 1.2 out of 5 and 2.5 out of 10 IMDB ratings and has also got 3% on rotten tomatoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cosmic Sin Appropriate?

it has been rated  and it includes all the sexual references and violence it also includes the cases and sexual references in the film which is not recommended for the kids.

Is Cosmic Sin a Sequel?

It is actually supposed to be the sequel of the breach and it is similar to the breach. It is funny and cosmic is equal.

Is Cosmic Sin Out ?

It is released in the year 2021 on March 12 and despite all the praise it has got a very good rating on Rotten Tomatoes the running time of the series is 88 minutes and it is also distributed by saban  film.

When Did Cosmic Sin  Come Out ?

Cosmic  sin is a film which is based and it is released in the year 2021 on 1st March it is available on Netflix and you can even buy on rent from iTunes, Amazon instant video vudu and Google Play.


It is an 2021 film which is an excellent FIR for the American science action film, getting the brief from most of the fans for the performance of Willys and grill doors but it has also faced some of the cretox which films have to face and it is also considered as the worst film of 2021.

It is the film which is four centuries after the humans which is started from the planet outside in the United States of America as it has received negative effects for the language and the sexual references and the violence so it is not referred for the students and it as also causes the Encounters which is between the humans and Aliens wishes for the death.

The concluding part of the article and add the article provided you the information about the cosine sin it has also provided you the story and the release date is also mention in the article for you all fans the famous streaming sites as mentioned in the article for you all fans we can approach them and watch your favourite film very easy.

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