We know that this couple have been quite famous in the whole Bollywood. Every social media and the news channels talk about their relationship status.

Ever since Alia and Ranbir Kapoor have come out in public about their own relationship, there is a lot of speculation that took place and it rounds about their wedding.


There were so many rumours about them and their status some said that they broke up some said something else but they were always together.

This couple is now all set to tie the knot next year. Now according to the latest report by some news channel or this was in Mumbai Mirror also that their wedding is on the cards for Ranbir and Alia next year.

The actors have recently taken a month off from their work schedule and they have planned their rumoured wedding to the public and their fans as well.

According to the report that they made is that they will have a destination wedding in Kashmir. Apparently, the actress fell in love with the valley while she was shooting for her film Raazi back in the year 2017.

Despite of having many such reports both the actor and the actress have rubbished the stories together. However the couple is now seen that they are growing strong together with each passing stories and the days and their fondness for each others family too is very much undeniable.

Meanwhile on their work front  both of them are shooting together for their upcoming film ‘Brahmastra’ which will again be a good one and it is quite good to see them work together as well for us.

Hope they will be a good couple and wish them a very happy journey life for their upcoming future. Both have so much work to do and they will keep entertaining their loving fans.