30 Coins Season 2: Alex de la Iglesia Confirmed The Development

30 Coins Season 2

Alex de la Iglesia, the director, recently released the horror series 30 Coins. The first season of the series ended on a horrifying ending. The Spanish genre series have become popular all over the world since its amazing and terrifying plot. Because the series ended on a dramatic ending, fans have been wondering about the future possibility of the series. If the creators would release the cliffhanger by releasing 30 Coins Season 2 or not. 

When the show was initially released, no one thought that it would exceed the second season. However, the assumptions of the people soon got faded away after the director announced the possibility. The first season was left on a cliffhanger and since then, it became important for the viewers to know about it. 


With the recent updates, Alex de la Iglesia has confirmed about 30 Coins Season 2. While many of the fans didn’t expect the show to be renewed but to be honest it was fated in the way. Honestly, we are not surprised by the renewal of the show. Since the show received positive feedback and amazing ratings from both the critics and the audience, it renewed it’s Season 2. Since the renewal recently hit the news, you must be wanting to know all the updates of the Series, right? If it is so, then here is everything you need to know about 30 Coins Season 2.

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30 Coins Season 2: Renewal Status

30 Coins Season 2

The Director of 30 Coins brings out the announcement through her Twitter account. In the post, he posted a photo of himself in front of Pedraza, where HBO’s series 30 Coins started the shooting. The post reads the caption, “Coming Back” and it brings out in the light that 30 Coins Season 2 is coming back. 

The Confirmation was just on time, though HBO is still a way to announce the renewal status of 30 Coins, the director himself reveals about the series. 

A few minutes after the tweet, fans started to circulate and retweet the news all over Twitter. 

The fans of the series were already expecting the renewal since HBO was super committed to this series. That’s the reason why the show has such an A1 cat and from the writer to the directors, everyone is super professional and known for their amazing roles. 

The film has a huge budget and one can easily see this through its Spain-production. To conclude this, 30 coins Season 2 is confirmed to be back.

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30 Coins Season 2: Release Date Updates

The production of the series has already begun. After the director posted the picture in the center of Pedraza, a small town in Spain, it was confirmed. The production of the series will start as soon as it ends. We will find out when the series will be released. 

The officials have not revealed the release date of the series. Since there are no release date updates, it would be hard to tell the exact date. But we know that the show will be coming out in 2022. 30 Coins Season 2 is officially going to return in 2022. 

30 Coins Season 2 Cast: Who will be Back in the Show?30 Coins Season 2

So far, none of the characters are dead. As everything seems to go in a positive way, we can conclude that everyone will be returning back. The show won’t feel like the original without Eduard Fernández. As per the report, Eduard Fernández is already excited for his role and Padre Mauel vergara. Since the whole show follows around him and his exorcist, it was pretty obvious to have him back. 

Along with him, Megan Montaner as Elena, Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Paco, Macarena Gómez as Merche are returning. 

Moreover, the first season has a lot of side characters. As there are no updates regarding the additional character, we won’t be discussing that. 

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30 Coins Season 2 Plot Details: What will be it about?

Following Father Vergara, who is an exorcist and has been convincing in the small village of Spain, Pedraza. He is hiding from his past sins but after some of the unhappiness and paranormal activities started to circulate in the town, he had to step forward for help. 

The show starts from the search of the mystical coins that become important for removing all these things. 

The second season of the 30 Coins will start from where it ends. It will see how Bergara would choose and help the town in the following journey. Since the coins are important, we need to look for them also. 

So far, the officials have not yet revealed anything regarding the plot. Since the show is under production, we don’t have any spoilers at all. If there is anything revealed, we’ll make sure to update you as soon as possible.