AJ and the Queen season 2 Cast, Plot, Release Date and Cancellation Rumors

AJ and the Queen

This series is a Netflix Original series that captures the adventures of Robert, a drag queen Ruby Red and the main character AJ who is a street smart 10 years old with a chip of her shoulder. 

Their first season debuted on Netflix on January 10, 2020, and the season one ends with a cliffhanger.

The first season went very good it got a lot of good critics from their fans and now the fans of the series want their second season to come up very soon. And the show is returning with its second season.


Netflix is yet to renew Aj and the Queen, so for the time, there is no official confirmation for their second season to come. 

However, the show only debuted this year and this month itself, so we think that there is so much time for their announcement. Their second season will mostly be announced by March 2020.


The show received a series order back in May 2018, but the cast of the show was not officially announced until September 2018. 

If they will release their second season then we are hoping that they will release it by early or mid-2021.


The first season ends with most of their storyline left up in the air: Louis walks in an Officer Kennedy and also another man and storms off in anger. 

The season two might see their reconcile. Brianna is then united with AJ in the finale episode of this series, but it is very much clear that AJ is very much furious with her mother, and we saw that Robert is heartbroken to see the 10-year-old go.

The very final moment of the first season suggests that their second season will be about Robert’s journey to reunite with AJ.

 Then there were quite a few good scenes in their first season but these were the main ones that were to be known by the people.