Why Air Anime Is a Must-watch for Every Anime Lover?

There are various anime series that have a variety of exciting stories that keep you on your toes, whether it’s a profound romance or a combat royale. Air anime is one of those that gives your mind something new to think about, something that doesn’t just focus on one subject but allows you to see the big picture.

Air anime is a small series based on a visual novel of the same name. Whereas the visual novel alternates between three female protagonists’ experiences, the anime makes excellent use of all the 12 episodes to tell a story that is faithful to the original material.

The tale is masterfully done, and while it differs from that of the game for understandable reasons, it is nevertheless equally compelling and will undoubtedly end up leaving you with little tears in your eyes.

Yukito Kunisaki, the main character, goes off on a quest to find a Winged Maiden that his mother used to tell him about in childhood stories. Yukito is also attempting to earn a living by doing puppet shows and residing in a small town which he intends to leave soon.

However, his life has taken a chance when he meets Misuzu, an unusual girl who forces him to reside in the little town for a while after she invites him to live with her.

Yukito quickly becomes acquainted with the locals and even finds a few new friends. He eventually forgets about his search for his Winged Maiden and begins assisting the villagers with their issues.

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Over time, he begins to feel a sense of connection with Misuzu and the citizens of the village, and despite the fact that he has put his search for the winged girl on wait, he may be closer than he thinks.

Isn’t this a rather ordinary story? But Air anime is anything but light as air, and even if you aren’t a fan of romantic anime, here are several compelling reasons to see this masterpiece.

Beautiful Animation!

Air Anime 1

As always, Kyoto Animation did a fantastic job with the animations, as usual. Air anime features some magnificent moments with some of the best incredible settings, all of which increase the level of excitement of the visual experience.

The music of the anime is just as amazing as the animation, particularly the touching introductory theme, which sets the tone for each episode. The anime has fantastic animation, but it’s the soundtrack that truly makes Air stand out. Unlike many anime programs, which treat the soundtrack as just a secondary part, Air does the opposite.

The series is chock-full of outstanding scores, the majority of which were written specifically for the game or visual novel in which this is built, and all of which are of a caliber rarely shown in an anime.

Furthermore, Air was the first of many adaptations of visual novels created by Key‘s passionate artists and authors. As you combine the two, you get a stunning spectacle that is especially impactful whenever it comes to the story’s emotional high points. You may rest guaranteed that there will be enough of those available.

Engaging Storyline!

Air Anime 3

Discovering all the reality about these mysteries, particularly the Winged Maiden’s, and seeing how Yukito may guide the girls in them is a significant draw of the show, which is aided by the show’s likability.

The focus of Air anime is distributed among three high school girls. Two of these girls, on the other hand, have little, self-contained storylines that don’t seem to add anything to the actual story.

Undoubtedly, they’re enjoyable, but they don’t appear to add something to the story’s actual focus, which is Misuzu’s journey. Misuzu is a cheery but lonely girl who became the first person Yukito meets in town.

But, as the two become closer, Yukito realizes why Misuzu can’t seem to make friends, every chance she takes to get close to someone, she has a mental breakdown.

As Misuzu grows weaker and sicker, Yukito notices that she looks remarkably like that of a child his mother had already been looking for, the winged maiden doomed to die early and all alone. All of these arcs contain aspects of drama, tragedy, humor, and romance, which can be overwhelming at moments.

Wonderful Characters!

Air Anime 4

The anime’s ultimate characters play a crucial role in carrying the narrative of the Air anime. The show is so fantastic that you can really feel the character development in each and every arc and in such a small amount of time. Amazing right?

Although both Key, as well as Kyoto Animation, are known for their sad themes, even the strongest emotional scenes become tiresome if there is nothing to support them and provide diversity. The entertaining interactions with the charming group of characters provide the majority of the diversity in Air anime.

Yukito is a wonderful illustration of this, with his continual hilarity and turmoil stemming from his difficulties with putting on acts that people will appreciate.

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It’s also lovely to watch this grumpy sod have to look after Misuzu and gradually warm up to her, particularly when the two return home and that he has to cope with her mom, who jumps from 0 through full-on drunken just after half a glass for what they’re drinking.

The story’s humorous side does what it needs to do, but does so rarely. It’s prominent early on in the program as it establishes and endears the characters, but it fades away later as the mysteries and great emotional scenes take center stage.

Air anime can seem a little put off at first because usually, people don’t understand what’s going on. Yet if you keep just a little patience to see it through to the finish, you’ll be impressed at how well the entire timeframe has been handled.

If you’re the Shonen type or the Shojo type, everyone should watch it regardless of their favorite genre. This anime carries the whole emotional cuisine, which includes salty tears and a little hint of tasty comedy. So, do watch it, because it’s worth it.

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