Age Of The Living Dead Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Updates


Age of the Living Dead Season one was aired in Asia about the Fox Action Movies Station in 2018, after that the series Will Probably be arriving in the United Kingdom and the US on Amazon Prime Flowing in 2019.

Moreover, the series is directed at Paul Tanter as well as the authors of the series are Simon Philips and Paul Tanter.

Please stick till the end. We’ve got all the latest updates about the show. To find out more about the series Age of the Living Dead Season two, continue reading.

Release Date:

The release date of Age of the Living Dead Season 2 is set to launch on 15 January 2021. On the other hand, the display language is English and each episode running timing is 40-50 minutes.

Moreover, if you’ve already gone through the first season of Age of the Living Dead and enjoyed the show, then I am pretty much certain you will love the next season, as well.

Age Of The Living Dead Season 2 Story Details

As previously mentioned, Age of the Living Dead Season 1 ended with the promise of a possible breakthrough in the battle against vampirism thanks to the chemical dubbed Sephora, as well as the British government making what seems like it will be a regrettable choice to hit America with an EMP. This move effectively renders what is left of American humankind defenseless moving into Age of the Living Dead season two, at least on a grand scale. While normally American weapons are at the forefront of having the ability to withstand such hits, the fact that the country has spent a decade in quarantine ensures they’re out of step with the rest of the world on a technician degree. In terms of Sephora, just because it worked one way on one vampire doesn’t mean it’s on every vampire, but it could change the tide of battle when used correctly. For now, living humans just have to keep fighting the great fight.

Cast Details:

The main cast of Age of the Living Dead Season 2 is mentioned below :

  • Keegan Chambers playing the role of Evette
  • Massimo Dobrovic playing the role of Marcus
  • Michael Ray playing the role of General Armstrong
  • Jamie Ohlsen playing the role of Sergeant Newton
  • Angela Bell playing the role of Marie
  • Anne-Carolyne Binette playing the role of Medic White
  • Norman Black playing the role of professor Keane
  • Malaika Hinnie-Hamadi playing the role of Lee
  • Everette Moss playing the role of Adam
  • David Edy as a secret service agent
  • Ken Bressers as general Ross
  • Michael Swatton playing the role of Stewart
  • Nick Biskupek as Sergeant Bradford
  • Celestine as security advisor Michaels
  • Glynn Praesel playing the role of Senator Joseph Davidson
  • Danny Polaski
  • Nicola Posener playing the role of Yvonne
  • Julia Farino playing the role of President Margaret Robinson
  • Even Mauro playing the role of Marie
  • Simon Phillips playing the role of Gerry
  • Deji LaRay playing the role of Andrew
  • Kenney Myers playing the role of Kurt
  • Tiffany Blom playing the role of Mina