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After Life Season 2 Release date, Cast and everything that the fans need to know

After Life Season 2 Updates: There were very of the few shows which manage to blend tragedy and the comedy while addressing some of the issues such as the depression and suicide contemplation. One of such show that has also grabbed the attention of the fans is the tragicomedy After Life, which was then created and written by directed and produced by Ricky Gervais.

About The After Life Season 2

After Life Season 2 Cast

The whole show revolves around Tony, whose then life takes a deep downfall when his wife dies of cancer. He then sips into depression and then contemplates suicide but then decides to take revenge against those who wronged him and punish the world for his wife’s death by saying and even doing what he wants.

His main plan, however, is undermined when the people around him start helping him to recover and become a better person.

About the Second Season

After Life Season 2
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After Life was the very first planned as a miniseries, however the very positive critical reception to the show then prompted Netflix to order a second season for the show. on April 3, 2020, Netflix had announced that a second season for the show has been ordered, which has been set to be released on 24 April this year. The trailer for the second season was even released on April 9, 2020. So, the fans now have some idea of how the second season will be.

The new season of the show also continues to focus on the character Tony as he attempts to turn over a few new leaves while then struggling with some immense grief over the death of his wife. Now, the fans will see some of the main scenes in the second season of the show.

The Cast of After Life Season 2

Although this will be the second season of the show, all the previous season cast will be returning for their roles in the second season of the show. The fans of the show want all the previous characters to come back in the second season.



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