After Life Season 2: ENDING EXPLAINED and Plot Details


After Life Season 2 is streaming on Netflix and fans are eager to know what Tony and Emma meant by the saying ‘Groundhog Day’ in between the series.

After Life Season 2 premieres on Netflix last week and fans of Ricky Gervais dark comedy have been watching the show. Throughout the series Emma and Tony (Ricky Gervais) refer to Groundhog Day but what is it all about?

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What does Groundhog Day means in the series After Life?


At the start of After Life season two, fans learn that Emma and Tony spend some time together. But any sense of a loving relationship comes to an abrupt halt. Tony, who misses his wife, is not ready to move on from his previous relationship.

Emma did not want to live in the memories of his former wife. However, Tony did admit he has feelings for Lisa. He wants their relationship to continue as it was, like ‘Groundhog Day’. He says “I like this; I love this, just being with you all the time.”

After Life Season 2: ENDING EXPLAINED


Groundhog Day is the term become popular in the 1993 comedy film of the same name casting Bill Murray. In the film, he plays Pittsburgh weatherman Phil Connors who is set to cover the yearly groundhog tradition in the small town of Punxsutawney. He finds himself to repeat the same day over and over again.

In the film, he indulges in bad behaviour, drinking, binge-eating, one night stands. When the loop does not stop, he makes many attempts on his life but fails. Throughout the loop, he is trying to win over Rita, his colleague. Phil decides to change his life and tries to be a good person and help others.

For example, he learns how to play the piano and speak French. During one loop, he reports the Groundhog Day festivities, amazing Rita and they spend the day and night together. The following day he wakes up and Rita is beside him, breaking the time loop.



Tony in After Life season 2 tries to make an effort to be a better person. He tells Emma he wants things to be “like Groundhog Day”, meaning back to the way things are between them. He also tells her he is not ready for a relationship. Emma is unprepared to wait for Tony at first. Then, she has a sudden change of heart in the finale of After Life at the right time.

In an intense final scene, Tony is seconds from taking his own life. He watches a video of his wife Lisa has made for him before she died, in which she says good night to him. Tony is left heartbroken watching the clip and he is seconds away from consuming an overdose.

Thankfully, Emma changes her mind and turned up at Tony’s door at the right time. She says “I’ll take groundhog day” confessing she wants to give the relationship some time.