After COVID-19 Shut It Down in 2021, the LA County Homeless Count Will Resume in January

homeless camp in Downtown Los Angeles.

The homeless count had to be put on a hold in 2021 due to the prevailing covid-19 situations.

The country was exempted by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development from not conducting the Homeless count of the year 2021 due to the pandemic.


This decision was made by the LASHA by understanding that it might put the country at even higher risk if the count gets conducted.

But now it is going to resume in 2022, where the Los Angles Homeless Service Department will continue it, homeless count 

The last homeless count happened around January 25-27, 2020 the Point-in-Time.

Many people in Los Angeles experience homelessness due to many different reasons such as poverty being the most common reason, not being able to afford proper housing, discrimination of any kind, domestic violence, abandonment from their family rejected rights, etc.

As it is a really complicated problem that is at risk, it is really important to conduct the homeless population count and understand the complex situation of the homeless people.

According to the 2020 census, the county’s homeless population was increasing by 12.7% on yearly basis, whereas on the other hand, only the Los Angles population alone increased by 14.2%.

By January 2020 around 66,433 people were homeless in Los Angles.

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LASHA is also looking for volunteers to count in 2022. You can register yourself at, with a few easy steps.

As truly said “Homelessness is not who someone is, rather their current circumstances “ 

You might be of help.