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Aerospace Company in the UK: Contribution in Space Development

Space development is a big business around the world, especially in the UK. This article looks at how the UK is contributing to space development and exploration.

Each aerospace company in UK is growing and working on the development of new technologies every day. It’s no longer all about the big companies from the states because the UK is making substantial changes. The UK’s aerospace sector is world-leading in the development of new technologies, creating many lucrative jobs and providing sustainable growth across the nation. This article looks at the latest contributions and plans for space development.

Hugely important

One cannot underestimate the sheer importance of the space development industry to the UK economy. As of now, it has created over 120,000 highly paid jobs that pay over 40% above the national average, and the whole aerospace sector itself annually turns over more than £35 billion, most of which comes from exporting the industry and its services worldwide. The UK is indeed a global power in the sector, and there are plans to help it grow, particularly for space development.

Government funding and efforts

The priorities of the UK are to contribute to space development by strengthening the ties between the government and the aerospace sector. Looking towards the future, there are plans to inject over 38,000 passenger aircraft in the aerospace sector alone, which is huge for the aerospace industry in general. You can already see how the government is thinking ahead, for example, getting over £125 million into a Future Flight Programme based on creating innovation in aerospace technologies. In general, governments are working in partnership with industry to boost the technological advantage of airborne aircraft, which will significantly help the space development sector.

Aerospace Company in the UK: Contribution in Space Development

Space development in Scotland

If you’re looking at space future development, look no further than Scotland. Some may say the country is an unlikely contender in the aerospace industry, but Scotland is sure to put the UK at the forefront of the commercial satellite market over the coming years.

Studies of the current UK space market have recently been approved by the Highlands and Islands Enterprise and conducted by companies such as SpaceTec Partners and RSM UK. There have been some interesting findings as a result. It concludes that the UK is in a good place regarding market competition, with plans to send almost four thousand satellites into near-earth orbit (62 miles up from earth). Plans are underway to make over 900 launches between 2020 and 2031. It is a remarkable contribution to space development and innovation in space technologies, which is set to generate revenues of over £4.2 billion from launches alone.

This study is the largest research effort into the UK space industry to date, and the consensus is that the space sector is sufficiently set to expand and develop throughout the coming years. There will be considerable growth in the field, with opportunities for thousands of new skilled careers and many opportunities for Scotland alone, where space innovations and exploration efforts are largely based.

Look to the highlands

So what makes Scotland so suited for future space development? It may not be as rich a country compared to its English counterpart, yet the highlands of Scotland are ideal for hosting launches that offer easy access to the orbit, in particular the lower earth orbit. Most efforts to launch satellites are related to an increasing need to monitor the climate and conduct new research into climate change. Every launch provides positive externalities for the economy and increases innovations of satellite manufacturing to provide more seamless and cutting-edge remote sensing technology.

A new alliance and new opportunities

2020 saw the announcement of the Spaceports Alliance, led by the Scottish Space Leadership Council. This alliance is a game-changer for UK space development that will facilitate rapid progress, many jobs, and new opportunities. The chair of the alliance, John Innes, thinks that the alliance will be key to burgeoning the small satellite industry, but this only scratches the surface. There will also be innovations to be made in orbital energy harvesting, low gravity manufacturing, and the controversial field of space tourism.

Exciting times ahead

With many space development projects in the pipeline, the future’s bright for the UK and space development. With government interest and a new alliance created in Scotland, exciting things are to come. Watch this space!

What is your opinion on space development? What would you change about things today? Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.



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