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Actor Sean Astin Participating in Phoenix Area Fundraisers This Weekend

Actor Sean Astin participating in Phoenix area fundraisers this weekend

This weekend, Sean Astin, who portrayed Mikey in “The Goonies,” will be in the Valley for a special screening.

He’s devoted his life to his late mother Patty Duke’s legacy of destigmatizing bipolar disorder and advocating for mental health awareness. Astin grew infatuated with running.


“It is really pure,” Astin added.

“Arizona is one of the most gorgeous locations I’ve ever seen. There’s something about that valley, that base in those mountains, with the mountains rimming the horizon, that returns you to your natural condition “He said.

He claims there’s no better way to concentrate.

“It’s how you breathe, your body operates, and your mental health,” Astin added.

He runs for himself, his family, and you. A decade ago, Astin ran the LA Marathon. He used Twitter to ask strangers for their hopes and wants.

“Let me run this marathon for anybody or whatever you want me to. Just hashtag Run3rd, and I’ll print them out on small paper, wrap them up like the Dead Sea Scrolls, and bring them with me on my run “He said.

The reaction was astounding.

“‘Please run for my kid in Iraq,’ it said. I need you to run for my grandpa. Please save my Chichi!” Astin said.

RUN3RD Alliance was born, promoting after-school running clubs for youngsters around the nation. Mindy Przeor established the program in Mesa.

“We began with 15-20 kids, then 20 kids, then 40 kids, then 60 kids. and then we had something huge!” “Przeor”

The ten-week program gets youngsters off screens and into healthy habits. It ends with a 5K that brings families and the community together.

“Kids come into this program underestimating their abilities. It gives them confidence that nothing is impossible “”Przeor”

While we can’t eradicate technology, Astin thinks we can encourage kids and families to prioritize their mental and physical health.

“Parents. When you compare our use to our kids’ usage, we’ve lost our moral authority to sneer at them “He said.

He’s showing ‘The Goonies’ Friday night in Chandler. Saturday is a charity golf outing. On Sunday in Tempe, he’ll be showing a documentary on kids’ mental health and technology, followed by a Q&A with parents and specialists.

They will assist RUN3RD Alliance to launch new after-school running groups for youngsters.

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