Aaron Rodgers was relieved after winning the Packers in exchange for COVID-19


Calls every night and in the morning by appointment. Almost certainly. Every hour of the past week has been filled with this rarest challenge in the NFL – a game plan for quarterbacks without training. Shortly after his return, Aaron Rogers realized his positive expectations regarding COVID-19.

He quickly checked the schedule, timed out 10 days of NFL protocol for an unvaccinated player to leave the team premises, and finally arrived on Saturday, November 13th. The Green Bay Packers hosted Seattle Seahawks the day before.

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So Rodgers knows that his team’s last 17-0 win on Sunday is an eight-game quarterback win, but he also predicts that a stumbling block will arise within a week without him. “That’s not the point.” “The best preparation this week,” he said. However, his symptoms have subsided and following protocol will not stop him from leaving Lambo Field on Sunday. “I know,” Rodgers said.

It was one of three weird MVP games. It is its shell, targeting a body depleted by a deadly virus. Rodgers looks 38, approaching 37, which is rarely mentioned due to his crazy playing on the pitch. Marquez Valdez-Scantling’s first deep pass, 41 yards from the left, could have scored.

When he finished, Rodgers, wearing a black hat, hood, and sipping a bottle of water, was as silent as one would expect from a professional athlete who had just developed a serious illness.

“It certainly isn’t ideal,” said Rodgers, “to be on Zoom all week. The best thing I need to prepare for is to be able to repeat the parts in the exercise, and then the steps. You hear the cut two, three or four times and it becomes something like second nature. You can complete Matt’s sentence. 

Today, as I told him before the game, he will be more like Ron Burgundy, where sometimes I have to repeat exactly word for word and somehow have to feel my way through his plans.

Physical work is worse than mentally stressful work in the past 11 days. Rodgers initially defended his unvaccinated position throughout the trial with a vicious assault on the NFL defence in the fourth quarter. Denial is not new to the quarterback who has been the antidote to controversy (you’ve probably heard he is considering retiring out of season), but it seems more personal. Because COVID-19 is a virus that has destroyed livelihoods and claimed lives. 

There is nothing untouched personally. Sponsors will issue statements explaining their decision to withdraw or not withdraw their support. The doctor fills out an admission document. Even his most ardent fans were personally insulted. Meanwhile, Rodgers tried his best to bury himself incomparable and not interfere with his preparation for the match.