Aaron tells some source that the first responders busted down his door and they checked on him. He also said that they asked him if he was suicidal if he had taken any pills or threatened to harm himself all of which Aaron claims was not at all true. He says that he will ask the cops to fix the door. Aaron Carter was visited by the police and paramedics after someone called that the singer had suffered an overdose but that turned out to be a false alarm.

The law enforcement sources tell us that they got a call from Aaron’s California home this Wednesday night for a possible overdose. The officers in that place arrived at his place shortly after 8 to check on Aaron. We are told that they made their way to his bedroom after no one answered the door and they later on determined that he is fine and had fallen asleep.




Just before the call, Aaron was doing a Livestream with his fans and then apparently he dosed off prompting the viewers to call the police and tell them what had to be done with him. There is a video that was made and there we can see that the law enforcement wake up Aaron and they determine that he was alright.

This incident was among a stream of issues the singer has had over the last few months including multiple restraining orders filed by his family members including his Backstreet boy brother named Nick Carter.

Some of the sources and the media have recently reached out to the singer for the comment of what and what was going on with him, sources reached his family too but there was no answer from both sides till now.