A young cheerleader who was paralysed in a terrible tumbling accident in September is making progress.

young cheerleader with red silver & black pompom


Makayla noble suffered a serious spinal cord injury while practicing off-campus, she continues her recovery inspiring others.


After the accident, thousands across the country have followed Makayla noble’s journey 

Today she’s back home from the ICU and going to physical therapy and is making improvements.

 Makayla was honored in the stadium. Makayla’s parents say some days are good  and some days are bad, and that they have been going through a roller coaster

 $1000 check given  for Makalya’s fight also her family will receive free groceries for a year, this is less than a month from the accident 

Makayla reported from the Hospital that “she is doing, good” Her spirits are still high from miles away.

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 Friday night the proper Eagles won at home, in the crowd there were signs of support and on the sidelines, there was an open space saved for Makayla Cameron Jones says “her spot is irreplaceable. It is  better in that moving on from her it’s moving on with her .”

Om some days Makayla

was on oxygen during the day and some nights she needs a ventilator to breathe 

Two weeks after the accident the doctor said that it was too early to tell if she could ever walk again.

She has made good improvements now. Let us all hope for the best for her.