A Whisker Away: New Netflix film, Release Date and all other details!

A Whisker Away Updates: Bored with being out of series or movies? Bored of listening to the news of your favourite series or movies being delayed or cancelled? If the answer is yes, then here comes a piece of exciting news for all of you. Netflix is all ready to release an anime movie, “A Whisker Away”. It has the most unique and intriguing storyline. Check out the article!

The Plot of A Whisker Away:


The plot of the anime movie revolves around a teen girl named Miyo Sasaki. Miyo has a big crush on her classmate named Kento Hinode. The sad part is that Kento never gives attention to Miyo. Later, Miyo finds a superpower in which she can transform into a cat named Taro. Miyo goes to Kento as the cat and he adores the cat. Since then Miyo frequently transforms into a cat to spend time with Kento. But she doesn’t know the danger she is putting herself in. By rapidly transforming into the cat, Miyo at some point maybe not transform back into a human again.

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The Cast of A Whisker Away:

The cast includes Mirai Shida as Miyo Sasaki, Natsuki Hanae as Kento Hinode, and Kouichi Yamadera as the Cat Taro.

The Release Date of “A Whisker Away”:


Initially, the movie was supposed to be out in Japanese theatre. Due to the pandemic situation, it was delayed and later cancelled. Although, Netflix has finally saved the movie by adopting it on its platform.

Mark the date 18th June 2020 as the release date of the anime movie, “A Whisker Away”.

Also, the trailer of the movie has been released on the internet. Do check it out, it will surely intrigue you.

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