A Study Found That Covid-19 Patients Had Harmful Effects From Ivermectin.


Many people think that ivermectin is a drug used to treat COVID-19, but they are going as far as suing hospitals just because their loved ones need it. The FDA has approved this medication for humans and animals alike; in fact, its initial purpose was not human use at all – rather treating parasites like tapeworms or threadworm in farm animals! Despite the lack of clinical evidence showing how well these treatments worked (or didn’t) when given back laboratories were found with severe cases.

Veterinarians are not the only ones seeing an increase in prescriptions. Veterinarians have seen 24 times higher prescribing rate, and poisonings due to ivermectin exposure have risen in Oregon where it also serves Alaska and Guam–the number calling for help with COVID went up by 4 during August alone!

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A total of 21 people contacted authorities this month asking about preventing CIVD rather than treating it; 11 were male while half said they used injectable medicines like IVERMECTIN out-of-pocket because you can’t always rely on your vet being available when needed most (such as after making expensive veterinary visits).

Within two hours of consuming a substantial, single-dose several people experienced adverse effects. Six percent (6) got sick after taking medicine for a few days and four were admitted into ICU with none dying despite having different types of side-effects like confusion, weakness, etc…

Three were hypertensive while another had a seizure which led him/her fall down from the third floor but thankfully he survived by himself without any injury or physical pain except some bruises on his body caused due to landing hard surface during the incident time.

2 persons reported feeling dizziness that subsided immediately when they lie down; 2 more individuals felt lightheadedness.