A Record 627 Deaths A Day In Italy, Corona did not stop


5,986 new cases of coronavirus in Italy

627 deaths from Corona in Italy on Friday


The coronavirus is becoming a macabre problem for the world. Started from Wuhan city of China, its spread is not taking name only. Till now, all the countries of the world are in the grip of it. This virus is also spreading rapidly in India.

The latest figures are showing that Corona’s havoc in Italy is not taking a name. On Friday, 627 people died due to corona in Italy, while 5986 new cases of coronavirus infection were also reported.

Let me tell you that by combining these figures on Friday, the number of people who died due to the Coronavirus in Italy has increased to 4032. At the same time, the number of corona positive patients has also increased to 47,021.

The spread of the coronavirus in Italy seems to be happening very fast. Talking about corona virus-infected patients in Italy, the condition of 2,655 people is said to be very serious.

On Thursday, Italy overtook China in death figures

Statistics from Italy and China suggest that the virus is at greater risk to the elderly. In the case of Corona’s death, Italy has left China behind till Thursday night. The Italian Institute of Health has said in a study that the majority of deaths have occurred in the elderly. The average age of death in Italy is around 80 years. However, the average age of the people most infected is 63 years.

A similar study has been done by China. More than fourteen percent of the total deaths in China were from the elderly above 80 years. While 8 percent of the deaths were of people between 70 and 79 years of age. China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC), after a study of more than 44 thousand cases out of a total of 72, 314 as of 11 February, found that special care for the elderly is necessary.

Due to this, the elderly are facing problems

Coronas virus is the leading cause of death among the elderly due to a lack of resistance and chronic diseases like diabetes, lung disease. In such a situation, this kind of infection can be fatal for them. The elderly may not go to crowded places, but this infection is also reaching through young people.