The Shooter Who Killed 3 People Inside a Philadelphia Bar Has Been Identified

3 People Inside a Philadelphia Bar Has Been Identified

The District Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia has filed charges against a man suspected of shooting three individuals inside a pub on Tuesday night, according to the office.

It occurred at 6:30 p.m. inside Ralph’s Bar, which is located on the junction of Torresdale and Bleigh avenues in the city’s Mayfair neighborhood.


Derrick Randall, 25, has been charged with one count of attempted murder, three charges of aggravated assault, and other related felonies in connection with the incident, according to authorities.

According to detectives, there were 15 individuals in the company at the time of the shooting, which they believe was the result of some kind of quarrel.

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A dispute between Randall and a lady inside the pub may be seen on video, according to the district attorney’s office, which was released after the event. When the bullets are fired, the footage seems to show many males attempting to interfere, according to the report.

Several males were wounded in the incident, including two men in their 30s and one in his 30s, and one in their 40s, according to authorities.

There is no evidence that the victims had anything to do with the disagreement that resulted in the shooting. The victims are likely to live.

When the violence erupted, Theresa Burger was in the area celebrating her birthday with her friends.

“I was completely unaware that these were gunshots. I was under the impression that it was as simple as knocking on the bar “Burger, who was in the restroom when the bullets began flying, described the situation.
According to police, surveillance footage shows the shooter calmly wandering about the building following the attack.

According to Authorities, the Pistol Used in the Event Was Found and Was Properly Registered to Randall, Who Was Charged in the Incident

“As with other non-fatal shooting defendants, the DAO will be seeking that he be held on $999,999 bail to make ensure that he is detained before trial,” a representative for the district attorney’s office said. “He will be held on $999,999 bail to assist guarantee that he is detained before trial.”