The second season might be more than a year away, but we can now at least pass the time be rewatching the first Avatar on Disney+.
In case the fans of the movie have forgotten, during the battle between the human turned Na’vi Jake Sully and the bad one evil Colonel Miles Quaritch, the villain takes a couple of massive arrows to his chest.

He is now dead by the time he credits roll on Avatar, so the fans and the viewers might be confused as to how the Quaritch is returning in the second part of Avatar 2 and he is not just back in a flashback.

There is not a new villain every time in a movie, which can be interesting. The villain will be the same guy for all the movies. This is what the director of the movie James Cameron said he just want Stephen Lang to be the main villain in the franchise of the movie.
And a new theory from a Reddit user the circular blue has also suggested just how the villain can come back in the second part of the movie.

The whole theory is based on an alternate opening of the movie Avatar, it included in a 178-minute extended version, which also shows Jake’s life on the Earth before he also learned of his twin brother Tommy’s death.

In the sequence, we also see Jake watching a news report on the TV about the Beijing Zoo successfully cloning the Bengal tiger cubs.

Clones in the advanced world of the Avatars are not exactly unexpected, but then the added bit here is that the Bengal tiger was a ‘preciously extinct species’, so the zoo that they showed had used ‘stored DNA’ to bring all the species back.

The theory also argues that the villain will be returning as a clone because it is not a stretch to imagine that the RDA the company mining unobtanium on the Pandora would keep the DNA of the head of their security force.