A Gunshot at a Chicago-Area Mall Left Four People Injured


Four Christmas shoppers got injured due to a shooting that burst out at the sub hub and Chicago mall.

The mall is a really good shopping place, which is 15 miles west of Chicago.


This incident happened when two men conducted a shootout in the corridor of the mall around 5:45 PM, said police Officer Chief James Krueger.

He also added that injuries were not life-threatening.

The police reported that the incident took place at Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook.

Out of the four people, three people who got injured are believed to have been hit by a ricocheting bullet.

The fourth one suffered from an injury while he tried to run away.

Out of the two people who let the shoot out, one person is in custody while the other is still being looked for.

“This is just a very unfortunate incident that is completely out of character for our area,” the chief said.

The incident was covered up in ariel view by TV shows.

The ariel view showed police cars and other vehicles flashing their lights all over across the mall.

“I’m shaking up, “Alex Gay,23 a person who was walking said.

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She added “It was scary everyone was sprinting out of the mall as sirens went over the intercom saying, ‘Emergency. Evacuate. Seek shelter.’ I almost got trampled.”

Some people also took up shelter in the dressing room.