A Game Based on Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 Video Game Was in Development


Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films hold a special place in the hearts of many people. Reaching both critical and commercial fame, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man paved a path for superhero film’s modern age. Spider-Man 3, however, was well-regarded.

While Raimi and Sony were initially in discussions to make a fourth Spider-Man film, Sony finally opted instead to reinstall the franchise with Marc Webb as Director and Andrew Garfield at the character.


Since that time, a handful of information regarding Raimi’s initial pitch for Spider-Man 4’ve trickled out, but matters were seemingly far enough along that a video game based on the movie was in early development to the Nintendo Wii!

The revelation comes courtesy of Gaming Alexandria, a website specializing in video game worth. Gaming Alexandria has made it available on their site and obtained a copy of the match’s prototype. Produced by Eurocom, Spider-Man 4 clearly wasn’t far along before things necessarily fell apart.

It looks as though Eurocom intended to replicate the open-world New York City that initially appeared in the game based on Spider-Man two (and has ever since been perfected at Sony’s Spider-Man on PS4).

The prototype also confirms the Vulture could have taken the lead villain role (which makes sense since this was Raimi’s plan). The exterior of the Vulture, the prototype offers no hints as to what villains could have appeared in the sport, outside of the requisite thugs that are generic.

The thing about the model is that it provides a tantalizing glimpse at the movie that might have been. The title screen indicates a newspaper headline revealing the Vulture has murdered Gregory Bestman. Fans know, clearly, that Toomes is your Vulture, and a Sam Raimi villain story’s building blocks appear to come to light.

It’s always a blessing to see pieces of video game history preserved. The video game industry is notoriously bad at keeping its history available and preserved, and even games that are finished, concept art and older files have been eternally lost as an outcome, to time.

It is not possible to know whether Spider-Man 4 would have delivered a rewarding experience for gamers, but its preservation is important, as it gives us a window. Notably, even Sam Raimi still believes about what things might have been like had this movie been finished.

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