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A Discovery Of Witches: What Next?

The Discovery of Witches is a British television show based on the all souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness and produced by Bad Wolf and Sky productions. The show stars Teresa Palmer, Matthew Goode and so on. This show debuted on 14th September 2018 and consisted of one season with 8 episodes with 45 minutes per episode.

This show gained so much popularity that it has been picked up for a second and third season. The all souls trilogy which is supposed to be one of the popular shows has been reaching 2 million people which makes the show even more popular than it is. It is reported that the plot for the second and third season might follow the second and third book that is, Shadow of the night and the book of life.

A Discovery Of Witches

The second season is written by Sarah Doulat, who is known for writing the cloth for a doctor who, being Human and Susie Conklin (the musketeers and Crawford). Susie is also an executive producer with Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, who are the co-founders of the production.

Jane said that it had been thrilling that the fans have received this series so well that it is one of the biggest hits and the fandom keeps growing day by day. She is also excited for the new season and their growing fan base. The series reported to be back in the year 2020 but without an exact date as sources say that there is no accurate date for the release of the next season. Collider is done with her part as she is having a baby. Hence the other cast members must begin filming as early as they can. Therefore for the season might release soon in 2020 the filming is half done.

Regarding the cast, Diana Bishop and Matthew Claremont will once again be e the protagonist of the show Goode and Palmer will also be playing the respective roles. It is speculated that Sara Bishop so phenomenon and Nathaniel Wilson will also be joining the famous show. One can only hope that the season is released soon and the fans are not disappointed with it as there is a lot of anticipation and excitement from this one season itself.



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