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A Discovery of Witches Season 2: Without release date and Upset fans?

The Witch Discovery made its debut on September 14, 2018, on Sky One, and fans are still waiting for the season 2 release date.

When The Discovery of Witches Season 2: Without release date and Upset fans? series based on the “All Souls” trilogy Deborah Harkas and released in September 2018, quickly attracted many fans.

The forbidden love story between an old vampire, Matthew Clermont, and Dr. Diana Bishop, a magician, and historian, attracted the attention of the audience as well as a combination of magic and paranormal.

Shortly thereafter, the series was updated for seasons 2 and 3. Later it was released along with BBC America for AMC, Sundance, Shudder Now and Shudder. Season 1 lasted eight episodes and ended on a rock. While readers of the book series know what will happen next, viewers who have not yet picked up the book have little information about when fans can expect the second season to premiere.

Understandably, fans were a little disappointed and asked on the Twitter Facebook page when the second season will be released, but so far they haven’t received an answer. Although the cast for the upcoming season was announced and the scenario of the two main characters was shared in the second season, there was no news about the release date.

In January, director Faren Blackburn announced the end of filmmaking. An important fact that many fans might not know is that this series is being filmed in Italy.

Because Italy is quarantined by the coronavirus, it is not surprising that Star Teresa Palmer has isolated herself. And it won’t be surprised if more players and crews take precautions. Even though the photo is complete, there is still much to do before the series returns.

However, fans are waiting on the edge of their seats for a date to look ahead in these difficult times. Even though Sky One has announced that the series will return in 2020, its hopes will reach fans.



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