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A Biopic Will Be Made on Michael Jackson, Oscar-winning Producer Gets the Rights

In the last few years, Hollywood has waged musical biopics. There have been many films based on film music, from Bohemian Rapsody to Rocket Man. At the same time, Michael Jackson, called King of Pop, is going to be a biopic.

According to the report, preparations are on to make a biopic on Michael Jackson. According to reports, film producer Graham King has acquired the rights to make a film on the life of Michael Jackson.

Graham King’s film The Departed has also received an Oscar for Best Picture in the year 2006. According to sources, nominated writer John Logan for the Oscars will write the script of the film to be made on Michael Jackson.

Although it is being told that all aspects related to Michael’s life will be talked about in this biopic, reports suggest that actor Ephraim Sykes has been cast to play the role of Michael Jackson. Let me tell you that the news of making a film on Michael Jackson’s life has come at a time when the recently disputed documentary Leaving Neverland made a lot of headlines.

 Michael Jackson died in 2009

Explain that Michael Jackson saw the best of stardom. They had everything. Stardom, money, name means everything. But this stardom took away his childhood from him and this stardom later also became responsible for his death.

Michael Jackson’s life was as colourful as it looked; it was as black and scary as he used to mention himself. Michael was also accused of sexual abuse. On 25 June 2009, Michael said goodbye to this world.

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