A bear licks a woman checking her Tik Tok


Melanie is sitting on the porch, smoking casually and looking for TikTok. Isn’t that weird? Melanie from Quesnel. She and British Columbia told the citizens of Prince George about the crazy events that night.

Breathing fresh air in the courtyard, he felt the movement of something dark and looked up. To his surprise,she saw a bear.

Now that I’ve watched a lot of National Geographic documentaries, I’m afraid to see a bear within 3 feet of the light source and I want everyone to react the same way.

In the same way, Melanie informed the citizens of Prince George that she immediately froze, wondered what to do, panicked and decided to just shut up. The bear licked Melanie and sniffed.

I can only imagine Melanie’s pain right now. He began to think about what the bear was going to do next, and although he was extremely frightened, he could still standstill.

The bear opened and moved, licking Melanie again, and she sensed danger and decided that it was not enough to stay put and retreat. The bear must have somehow managed to get up, startled by the sudden movement. The bear moved on, and Melanie was able to click on the image of the bear.

In British Columbia parks, anyone who encounters bears is advised to remain calm and speak in a calm, low voice, even when the bear is not looking.

They also mention that it is best to retreat slowly, as running can provoke the bear to attack because it warns him.

Bears can also view gaze as a challenge that deals more damage. When a bear approaches you, it lies dead and eventually loses interest in it.

The BC Parks website warns that no matter how frightening, how frightening, or how frightening, it will only reduce the damage, not eliminate it.

On rare occasions, bears can be considered prey for humans, so in these cases, it is advisable to seek cover when climbing buildings, cars, or trees.

If it is impossible to escape, use bear spray, and if you do not have one, try to fight the bear. A bear licked Melanie in the garden, and she described the situation as licking the tongue of a large dog.