7 Must Watches Movies on Amazon Prime


In this competitive world of streaming services, Amazon Prime successfully strives to be one of the top three best streaming services at an affordable price. like it, competitors, Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime allows it’s viewers to stream from a large variety of movies and TV series. But it is argued that quantity isn’t as important as the quality, and Amazon Prime has never failed to give its subscribers quantity of quality.

Amazon prime is also home to many journals of movies like blockbuster hits award-winning shows hilarious comedies horror movies and more. The best movies out of those owners can be listed in the following: 



  • Philadelphia: this is a movie that stars Tom Hanks who is the Oscar-winning actor and is also known as one of the best actors in Hollywood history. this movie focus is more on the LGBTQ community and its representation and Hollywood and belongs to the sad genre of movies.

  • Hereditary: This movie is about an emotionally scarred mother who watches her life all out of control after the death of her mother. The movie directed by ally aster starring Tony collect could be judged as a horror movie.

  • Carrie: best of the most famous author Stephen King’s first published novel this movie is about a teenage girl who finds changes in our body during puberty and also discovers that she possesses a powerful telekinetic ability.

  • Eighth Grade: this movie is about one transitioning into teenagers which is different from how the other TV shows and movies perceive this pic change to be. Making this movie different and likeable.

    Eighth grade
  • Some like it Hot: this movie directed by Hollywood’s iconic direct Billy wilder brings something different on the table. This story is about two singers forced to dress up as females who later witness a murder. This movie also stars the Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe.

    Some like it Hot
  • To Kill a mockingbird: this movie is an adaptation of the famous book written by Harper Lee with the same name. This piece is about a man with principles defending a black man who is accused of raping a young woman who is white. This later leads to a quiet essential courtroom drama which is more likeable by the audience.

    To Kill a mockingbird
  • Apart from these movies, there are other such as a simple plan, Bad Santa, Leave no Trace, The Disaster Artist Child’s Play, Highlander, Bone Tomahawk, Monkeys, it’s a wonderful life and invasion of the body snatchers which is nearly loved by the audience hence making its way through this list.