6 Underground: Why Reviews are so Negative


Michael Bay’s 6 Underground received a warm reception but it garnered equally negative reviews from Netflix streamers.

Netflix’s 6 Underground does provide accessible entertainment but reviews have been quoted negative overall. This $150 million blockbuster has capitalized upon the familiar action movie tropes, as it set up the entire franchise. But the story and logic behind 6 Underground have confused many viewers since its release in December 2019.


6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds stars as a mysterious billionaire known as “One” in the movie. He aimed to take down a vicious dictator named Rovach Alimov and fakes his death to stay covered by his former employer- The CIA. One had earned his massive wealth by developing innovative tracking technology, in a supremely convenient twist. This allows him to recruit a hit squad of his own that would help him in eliminating the bad guys who terrorize civilians.

The movie currently has a 34 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. It does not seem that Bay’s Netflix film won’t be in the race for Oscar or Golden Globe nominations with the unflattering number that is based on 56 reviews from critics all over the world.

Although, 65 percent audience has responded to 6 Underground rather well as collated from Rotten Tomatoes audience score based on approximately 1,500 user ratings.

So, what’s the big divide about?

Here are some reviews about 6 Underground:

David Fear – Rolling Stone: “Guns. Ferraris. Parkour. Headshots. Mélanie Laurent. Las Vegas. Luxury yachts. Thong underwear. Incoherence. Xenophobia. Sexism. Auteurism (Vulgar). “Merica.”

Jesse Hassenger – The A.V. Club“What he seems to be chasing is the feeling of freedom, the windswept open-skies exhilaration of a man who has everything. But he’s still just doing donuts, hoping all those whiplashes turns from nihilism to macho sentiment awaken something inside him.”

Mark Olsen – Los Angeles Times“After a strong start the movie steadily declines, one set piece after another, and there are many moments where the mind wanders and then asks: ‘Is this still going on?”

Miles Surrey – The Ringer“The result is the cinematic equivalent of a bad hangover.”

Karen Han – Polygon“What kills me most, however, is that amid all the cacophony, there’s one joke that hints at the kind of joyful mayhem Bay are capable of.” Overall reviews have suggested that Bay had chosen to prioritized spectacle over story structure. But if one’s is looking for a kick back and relax sort of a movie, 6 Underground is the perfect movie to watch in that case. Some consensus reviews point out what keeps the movie from becoming a truly memorable 2019 movie: It is just too messy.

However, amidst all criticism, 6 Underground did garner some positive reviews which implied that Bay’s film isn’t that of a disaster.

Peter Bradshaw – The Guardian“It’s an entertainingly goofy and excessive folly from Bay.”

Nick Schager – The Daily Beast“For better and worse, in a multiplex or on your television or tablet, it delivers pleasure through pain.”

Glenn Kenney – The New York Times“There are genuinely eccentric innovations here. There’s certainly not a whole lot of recognizable humanity, but hey, that’s why there’s ‘It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”