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6 Minute Tenet Prologue Attached with the Rise of Skywalker in IMAX

The new installation to the Star Wars franchise, The Rise of Skywalker gives the audience a sneak peek of Christopher Nolan’s new film Tenet which by the looks of the trailer has made an impact on the audience and have gotten them excited. Sources say that Many theatres are showing an extended version of the movie trailer before the screenings of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

This movie starring big shots like John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and many others. It was long rumored to be in the making hence the element of the plot to remain a mystery. However, now it is not a mystery anymore as the short teaser for this was released in August 2019. Fans are even more excited as the full-length trailer release movie was released. The trailer reveals sequences that show the scenes from the movie which answers and leaves questions in the minds of the audience at the same time.


According to sources, The extended version of the trailer was played in IMAX for six minutes more felt like a prologue to the screening movie. This led to fans believing that the extended trailer is a prologue to the movie. The scene showed the terror between two cities showing the perspective of both sides including the scene where John Washington was speaking in a coded language.

This preview depicts the same way Warner Brothers advertised Nolan’s previous films, with the prologues for both The Dark Knight and the next part appearing in front of films like I am a legend and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. According to sources, shortly after the sequence involving the terror attack, the preview then switches gears and becomes a montage featuring various other shots that were already in the trailer of this anticipated movie, like the backward car crash which is shown in the trailer for instance.

Fans can only hope that this movie is as well-executed as the other movies by Christoper Nolan who has directed hits like interstellar, Memento and so on which were made on the experimental basis. From what the audience has gained from viewing the trailer, it seems like this might be the most science-fiction focused movie ever by this figure.



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