5 things you must know Cable Girls Season 5 before its scheduled Netflix release


Cable women is an internet television show that’s based on season drama that signifies the shooting of the series is set based on the past times.

The series is flowing on Netflix, as the series shows you that the time zone of 1920.

The first season of the series is released on 28th April in 2017 and is made up of 8 episodes, next premiered on the 25th of December in 2017, The third was on the 7th of September at 2018, fourth was on the 9th of August in 2019.

The fifth is the season of this series and it was released in February in 2020.

5 things you must know before its scheduled Netflix release

The Cable girls is a Netflix series and dependent on the season drama, it’s a series that is Spanish.

Since you will see that this series’ time is set in 1920 and you will observe that the period of the moment.

All’s story released season of this series revolved around 4 girls who work in precisely the company, the telecommunication.

The four girls are friends of each other and have an extremely strong bond together. They struggle together at the time of 1920 which is reported to be a man.

This series’ release is launched with all the seasons in 2017.

Is season 5 is last season of the cable girls!!

Cable girls’ four seasons gained good reviews and also the views by them and are very popular between the perspectives.

People loved all seasons of the cable and it has come to an end.

Since the founders of this series affirmed the 5th season is the last season of the cable girls and now it is likely to end with a decent and happy ending.

Parts of the season 5 Part 1

Since you’re excited to know that the season 5th can be divided into two elements that mean half of the episode is shown in the half and the part episodes were shown in part two.

The episodes are 10 and the first five have been released in February 2020.

Parts of the season 5 Part 2

Since the part is published the second is coming shortly. The date isn’t announced yet but everyone is expecting it in the center of the year.

The cast of the season 5

  • Nadia De Santiago in the role of Maria
  • Ana Polvorosa
  • Blanca Suarez in the role of Lidia Aguilar
  • Ana Fernandez in the role of Carlota

These are the same main cast and character of the season 5th

The topic that will be included in season 5th!!

The season 5th of this series also based on some season bases such as the preceding seasons. The season 5th reveal you that the civil war and different things between the 4 women and a quiz of friendship and their bond.


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