5 Cool Things We Got To Know From The Rick And Morty Adult Swim Con Panel

ricky and morty

The past weekend has proved to be really good for the fans of Rick And Morty. As the comic con  @ Home and Adult Swim Con was happening jointly, a lot of online events took place. Some of the cool stuff got spilled out by Rick and Morty Panel. this c-fi show features voices by Dan Harmon along with Sarah Chalke, Chris Parnell, and Spencer Grammer. Hence, we got all the insides about making of the amazing show.

Therefore, for the loyal fans, we have gathered everything in one place. So, what are you waiting for, read to know 5 cool things about Rick and Morty?


No one knows the real Beth, not even the writers

In the last season, we saw Rick going ahead with the cloning plan by Beth. But, he ensured that even he was unaware of the real BethWell, this mystery will not be resolved anytime soon. Dan Harmon said even the writers don’t have a firm conclusion for this mystery.

Nobody recognizes Spencer Grammer wearing Rick and Morty gear

Nobody recognizes Spencer Grammer wearing Rick and Morty gear

Spencer outfit was on point for rick and Morty Panel. the outfit with pickle rick all over it receives attention and praise from everybody. However, no one realizes that she is actually the voice behind  Summer Smith.

Dan Harmon is not okay with Morty and Summer having 2 moms

In spite of all the maddening parenting by Rick, the smith family has some level of harmony. In the end, everybody accepts Space Beth into the family except Rick.  But the creator of the show thinks that the children adjusting with two moms instantly don’t sound right.

No more of Talking Cat in Rick and Morty season 5

Matthew Broderick made appearances in the show as the talking cat at multiple times. The character is admirably memorable but not for Harmon. When asked about the characters in the upcoming season, Dan said that the talking cat will not be coming back as he forgot that the feline existed.

Dan Harmon up for a Bojack Horseman crossover

Well, Rick and Morty have been famous for crossovers. Easter eggs about  Breaking Bad, Gravity Falls, and South Park have made an appearance to the show. Moreover, Rick and Morty even crashed a couch at the Simpsons. Loos like, this time Bojack Horseman will get a crossover.