2019 Rewind: Marvel Edition

2019 has been a happening year for the Hollywood industry. And Marvel is not a stranger to it as it has been around for a very very long time. Since its introduction of MCA, it has inked a reputation in the minds and hearts of the audience. This article will help the audience story cap all the amazing moments of 2019 with terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This franchise is also associated with Walt Disney Studios and has received worldwide fame for its amazing movies and its iconic characters. Since the debut in 2008 with the release of Iron Man, tathastu resort future superhero movies. Though it’s fair share of controversies this franchise has still kept on with its legacy.

Avengers: Endgame

To sum up the year for this franchise, which had a lot of revelations starting with Angelina Jolie to be a cast member of the upcoming project known as the Eternals. This shows about the early humans for experimental on by the God-like race known as celestials. This project is reported to release on November 6th, 2020. This news in the Marvel fans excited.


Another big moment that got people talking about this franchise is the news of former GOT cast, Kit Harrington joining hands with the studio. He is sector in upcoming Marvel project in the ACE comic con. About from these good relations fans disappointed with the studio as well. The new Spider-Man movie did not do well in the box office, and the fans of Tom Holland upset by wearing the news that Spider-Man will be leaving the MCU as Sony claims the character as their deal with Marvel is over.


The controversy around Tom Holland calling the sea of Disney while he was drunk led Spider-Man to return to the MCU. Marvel also broke the internet for releasing the photos of the upcoming projects, which is the highly anticipated black widow who finally got a solo movie which links Civil war and Endgame. With this news, the audience got more excited and expected more from the franchise as it might get any Stark the Iron Man back on the screen.

This shows that Marvel has a lot on its plate for the coming years, and one can only hope that everything goes well, and the sound is not disappointed with us apart from past experiences.

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