2,000 FDNY Firefighters Take Sick Leave Due to Vaccine Sanctions


2000 NewYork City firefighters took sick leave last week due to sanctions imposed on city employees who were not vaccinated. New York City firefighter Frank Dwyer said in an email that the number of firefighters who fell ill were “very unusual.”

The department employs about 11,000 firefighters. Some emergency services in the United States are relatively reluctant to require employers to vaccinate against COVID-19.

Daniel A. Negro said Sunday that the firefighters involved in the atrocities had ignored their vows to “do their duty” at work. Those who have not been vaccinated will be given unpaid leave from Monday.

“The irresponsible fake sick leave of some members is dangerous to New Yorkers and other firefighters,” Nigro said. “If you don’t return to work, you risk the consequences of your actions.”

The Fire Department, a group of firefighters made up of specialized brigades, reports that the fire department opens and closes regularly, but may close more frequently than usual.

FDNY is willing to cover 20% of these if they use personal emergency services. Maliotakis said New Yorkers were left unprotected because New York City and firefighters violated their duties. Make sure there are no major fires, traffic accidents and crime, ”he said.

The NYPD did not immediately respond to questions about the number of employees taking sick leave in the past week.

The Police Sponsors Association, a union representing full-time workers, said it had filed a lawsuit over vaccine obligations. Mayor Bill de Blasio was upbeat on Saturday, tweeting that 91% of the city’s employees are currently vaccinated.

The deadline for many workers to receive at least one dose is Friday.