13 Reasons Why will Clay Die in the Final Season?


Spoilers Alert

In the final season, we saw that Liberty High School students gathering in the Spring Fling gym. Tyler drives down outside armed with a semi-automatic gun and also several handguns.

The camera follows Tyler as he loads weapons into his body after firearms.

Mass Shooting

While Clay Jensen is now in the party, he knows that Tyler is planning for a mass shooting. So Clay says to Justin Foley to close the door and stay inside and not to call the police to collect his classmate. 

The last suggestion is rather alarming because, in most active shooter situations, the first move is to alert the authorities. We know from the novel that the advice is to save Tyler’s life.

Clay Jensen Pleads for his life

Clay pleads for his life, and the life of his friends as Sirens blare in the distance. But he also does something surprising, he wishes for Tyler’s life: 

“I don”t want you to die. If you believe that’s how you think that will really change a thing of God*mn and not just another tragedy adult is moaning over for a week and then forget that if that’s going to change, you do what you have to do.”

Instead, Clay Jensen reaches out to the link and moves the arm towards the table. And before the cops come Tony pulls up Tyler’s whisk.

Jensen seizes Tyler’s rifle to prevent further damage. So, Clay keeps Tyler’s gun and battles tears.

Clay Jensen in the next season

Well, we are here to assure you Clay Jensen’s” survival for another reason, but we are not surprised to hear about another tragedy of High School Liberty after the death of Bryce Walker.

Well, this is it. Let us hope that nothing much happens in the final season.