13 Reasons Why the Season 3 ending recap before the show returns for their final episodes

13 Reasons Why the Season 3 Updates: The third season of this fan-favourite show was an explosive one and it got a lot of views from the fans. Now, the Netflix drama moved on somewhat from their middle of the suicide of Hannah Baker, but the events that led to her death still loomed very largely over the Liberty High School.



The lead actor Clay Jensen and his whole group of friends had covered up the aborted mass school shooting from their second season. This was all done before they faced another shocking act of violence which was the murder of Bryce Walker, this character is played by Justin Prentice.

Then the previously popular jock had been exposed to all as the rapist who also abused Hannah and then gradually alienated of those who were around him, this was creating quite a who had done it to solve as the main list of suspects was very long.

So the main question which was in the mind of every fan of this show was Who actually killed Bryce? Now, the answer to this is given in the third season of the show. this article will not be giving you any kind of good or the main spoilers.

The recap of the Season 3

13 Reasons Why Season 4

The finale season of the third season revealed that Bruce Walker was murdered by someone. Many fans know this but the readers should be watching the show to know.

We saw that Bryce was killed and murdered and it was done due to some reasons, but at some point of the time, it also proved that he was trying to change. And this thing changed someone’s mind but not everyone’s.

But at the ending, we saw that his friend Monty was arrested and there is a good reason for the police for his arrest. But one thing that I will be saying that Monty will die. Then this much is pretty sure that the next season will be about his death.

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