13 Reasons Why Season 4 Hannah Baker is coming in the upcoming season or not? Here is the Cast, Release Date and Plot.

13 Reasons Why Season 4

After giving the cold shivers for three seasons, 13 Reasons Why is about to return for the fourth and last season. Rape, Suicide, Blood, Drugs, ragging and most important reasons behind the death of Henna baker is the reason behind the existence of the series.

The show revolves around the death of a teenage girl, Hannah Baker. Hannah committed suicide and left a total of 13 tapes behind iterating the reasons why she killed herself.

The show was a massive success and had a worldwide audience reach.

Even though the show has seen a decrease in quality fans have not quit. They are desperately waiting for the returning of Next season. 

Rumours says that the upcoming string will be the Final Season of the series, and there will be no more additions to the show.

13 Reasons Why Season 4: Release Date

Netflix announced on August 1, 2019, that the show would be returning for a fourth season. Unfortunately, till now no exact date has been released from the makers.

Each season of the series is released marginally later than the past one. The show was premiered in 2017 and maintaining the consistency every year with the new seasons.

The primary season of the show came in March, the second in May and with a safe guess, we expect the return of the third season in August.

Hopefully, the next season will come in 2020, yet for the present, it is just a matter of when.

13 Reasons Why Season 4: Cast

Most throws will be returning, aside from Timothy Granaderos from Montgomery “Monty” de la Cruz and Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce Walker, as they kicked the bucket last season. 

Even though the show consistently utilizes flashbacks to help recount its story, we are probably going to see them once more.

Apart from all these, the comeback of Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker is what we look forward to. She can make a comeback through a flashback scene. The presence of Hannah is also important as she was not seen in the third Season.

13 Reasons Why Season 4: Plot

In the last season, the snare of the untruths woven by Ani and the network should loosen up. Alex was uncovered as the enemy of Bryce. However, Monty was rather accused of murder after his death. 

The people group decided to participate in the duplicity that Monty murdered Bryce because Clay’s name would be unmistakable. 

On the off chance that genuinely Alex killed Bryce, the entire gathering, including the dad of Alex, could be accused of a connection to the homicide.


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