10-Year-Old Fairfield Girl Killed in Tragic ATV Accident Leads Family to New Project

10-year-old Fairfield Girl Killed in Tragic ATV Accident Leads Family to New Project

Heartbreak and loss are being turned into something strong by a Fairfield family.

In May, their ten-year-old daughter died in a horrific ATV accident while riding with her father.


We’re hearing from them for the first time as they launch a new initiative in her honor.

They aim to make a difference in people’s lives in the future.

Reagan Vanoss’ parents recognize that their first Christmas without a daughter would be difficult, but they also recognize that there is plenty they can do to commemorate and enjoy her.

“If we sat down and cried and were unhappy the entire time, Reagan would be disturbed, and she would certainly want us to keep going,” said dad Brad Vanoss.

Their stockings are hung and their tree is adorned.

Because Reagan Vanoss will not be there, it will be a Thanksgiving unlike any other for Brad and Angela Vanoss and their children.

Angela Vanoss, a mom, stated, “I see her everywhere and I can, she would always, she was my little buddy, my little friend.”

In May, she was riding the ATV with her father while he dragged fields at the Field of Dreams baseball facility, something they’d done many times before, according to her father.

When it came time to put everything away, he said he moved too quickly and, despite his best efforts, they tipped over.

Reagan Vanoss did not make it out alive.

Angela Vanoss, her mother, stated, “She was going to be like, the CEO of a large firm, or the president of the United States like she just had it about her.”

Following the tragedy, the family received a lot of help and now wishes to give back in their daughter’s name.

They’ve started the Purple Monkey Project to aid youngsters in programs like show choir and dance, which she was a member of.

This Christmas, they’re also supporting two youngsters.

Reagan Vanoss’ favorite stuffed animal and color inspired the idea.

“Just being able to assist others in her honor, keeping her memory alive, that’s big for us,” said dad Brad Vanoss.

The family still watches old TikToks on occasion in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Reagan Vanoss’ brilliant grin.

They all grin as well, remembering her cheering them on.

They are well aware that she will never quit.

“Every day, there are small indicators that you hear or something that comes up that says, ‘Oh yes.’ ‘She’s there,’ you know, things like that “Brad Vanoss, a dad, remarked

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The family wants to make a great impression since they know it’s something their daughter would desire.

They intend to establish a $10,000 scholarship in the future to assist another kid in pursuing their aspirations.

The objective, according to Angela Vanoss, is to meet the scholarship target by 2028, when Reagan Vanoss would have graduated.

They want the scholarship to go to someone who will graduate with her.

The family also plans to create a brand-new concession stand at the Fairfield Civitan Club, dubbed “Reagan’s Snack Shack,” by next summer.

She liked working concessions and volunteering at a variety of community activities, according to her coworkers.

The Purple Monkey Project will benefit from a ‘Breakfast with Santa’ event on Saturday, Dec. 4 at the Fairfield Civitan Club from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., according to the family.