10 things which fans will get to see in second half of Haikyuu Season 4

Haikyuu Season 4 Episode 4

The first half of the Haikyuu Season 4 was really interesting and amazing with great dynamics and rivalries in its first half and now fans are very curious to know what will happen in the second half of the fourth season.

Haikyuu is one of the most amazing and best sports anime, and then it’s now back with its fourth season after a three years named Haikyuu!!: To the top! The story revolves around the Karasuno team who are preparing themselves to compete in the Spring High National Championship.

Haikyuu Season 4 Part 2


The first thirteen episodes which have been streaming shows the team preparing for the tournament, and now there the episodes are going to get even more interesting.

Story revolves around the team, it shows Kagayamu gets invited to practice in All – Japan Youth Training Camp. Tsukishima is being invited to join the first year only prefecture – wide training camp.

Looking at this, Hinata gets really jealous as no one other than these two were invited from Karasuno. The middle blocker then decides to join Tsukishima in the camp as a ball boy so as to improve his skills of receiving. Also, he wants to get separated from Kageyama.


The first half of the season 4 showed the though and interested match which is being started between Karasuno and Inarizaki and the other half which will be releasing in July 2020 will show the story further.

10 Things you want to know about

Haikyuu Season 4 Second part will consist of 12 episodes. So, here are a few things which you should surely watch being a Haikyuu fan.

  1. Karasuno Vs Inarizaki

The match as already beginning and it is getting even more intense as both the teams are prepared and giving a good competition to each other.

  1. Capabilities Of The Miya Twins

This is proper double trouble. Atsumu Miya is a reckoned also he was one of the participants in All – Japan Youth Training Camp. He also tried to create some problem between the boys. It is shown in the final episode that Atsumu Miya’s teammate is his twin brother, Osamu Miya. The twins have already shown incredible talent all over the court, and it would be very interesting for the fans to see them in the second half and witness if they have any other talent or not.

  1. Hinata Jump Higher (And Actually Hit The Ball)

Hinata’s always wanted to be like his favourite volleyball player, “The Little Giant” since he was a child. This is only aim shown throughout the Haikyuu, and he really tries hard and cross all the hurdles to achieve it. He do long jumps to hit the ball. Hope he will be successful in the second half of the season.

  1. Tanaka And Kanoka

Tanaka and Nishinoya are the funny characters, who eventually fell in love with every single girl they cross their way by. But as shown in the first half of the season. It seems that Tanaka is going to be a committed man soon. As at the time of the tournament, Tanaka meets Kanoka who is a tall, cute, female volleyball player who instantly recognizes her childhood friend who developed her interest in volleyball. Also she thanks, Tanaka. Kanoka has a crush over Tanaka. So, fans can get to see a good friendship and romance angle in the story in the second half if all of this continues.

  1. The Battle At The Garbage Dump

Karasuno and Nekoma have a very old rivalry. the cats vs the crows, the Battle at the Garbage Dump. Fans have seen this earlier as well where Nekoma won and Karasuno took a pledge of revenge. So, that battle is here.

  1. Hinata Receive

Hinata is one notorious character. He is really bad at receiving on which he had been working for a long time, as the audience must have seen and as he had released that he had to focus more on his skills. Fans will get to see this.

  1. Kiyoomi Sakusa In Game

Sakura was one of the participants in All – Japan Youth Training Camp. Where he was not seen playing that much and this is the reason why fans don’t have any idea about his power. But, Sakura is one of the very good player and he will be a surprise package for the viewers.

  1. Heart-Felt Seniors Moment

Fans have seen many heartfelt moments in the season. But this is not the end, fans will get to see even more of them as Daichi, Sugawara, and Asahi are in their third and final year at Karasuno, and this is their last shot to win Nationals.

  1. Hinata Vs Hoshiumi

There will be an element of rivalry between Hinata and Hoshiumi as both of them own the same title of “The Little Gaint”. Hinata is being called by this name for long and Hoshiumi has earned it. So, this is one interesting element which fans will get to see.

  1. Karasuno In The Tournament Finale?

Fans would definitely want to see their favourite team in the finale. No doubts in this also, this will be a very good and impressive move for the Haikyuu!!

Let’s see what will happen. Wait for the second half of the season.


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