10 Behind the Scenes Facts about the Dark Knight Trilogy.


1. When Christian Bale gets ready for the role he wants, his role would be like a rage monster. But he thought that the director that is Christopher Nolan would not like his idea, but the situation is completely different director likes his idea. That’s why Bale got a role in playing angry Batman. One of the reasons for the awesome performance of Bale was the Batman suit. He doesn’t like his suit as it was very heavy and uncomfortable to wear, so that’s why he was in a constantly bad mood when he was wearing it. Apart from hating Batman costume, Bale took the risk of doing stunts by own in it.

Dark Knight

2. There was a scene in the movie which was fully scripted, but it could not work to be planned. The crew came to shoot the scene in which Joker blows a hospital in the Dark Knight movie; they want it to complete it in only one shot and get it right. Since they were truly blowing up a hospital, they couldn’t just cut the call and try again if something goes wrong. When the scene was going to be made Heath Ledger pressed the detonator, it didn’t blow off. So that’s why he is continuously hitting it until the explosives start going off. This unscripted act adds to the Joker’s unpredictable nature.


Dark Knight

3. Director Christopher Nolan decided to end the movie by delivering the details verbally rather than the written form. Fans are waiting for the epic conclusion of the Batman trilogy.

4. The producers look for young actors for the part of Bruce Wayne Peoples don’t like Heath Ledger initially in a role of Joker as he was typically a romantic lea playing Clown Prince of Crime. Undoubtedly Christopher Nolan had seen something special in Leger that’s why he prefers him.


5. The Dark Knight was the first-ever narrative movie which uses IMAX cameras. The director believes that IMAX camera is one of the new and innovative ideas in the world of cinemas.

6. Tom Hardy played the role of villain in this movie. Hardy said that he fight scenes are the most challenging scenes in the Dark Knight Movie. He was not feeling well to beating up the Caped Crusader. He said that “It felt like I was beating up my childhood hero.”

Dark Knight

7. During the making of the film that means in the middle of production, there was a scene in Chicago; an accident occurs a drunk driver suddenly crashed into a Batmobile. The driver was heavily drunk, or we can say that he was highly intoxicated, and during driving when he saw Batmobile and thought it was an alien craft, and he comes in a panic situation. Whether he lost control of the car after seeing this in this panicked condition or he wants to try to fight with the aliens. This shooting locations or scenes feel unique.

Dark Knight

8. Heath Edge prepares himself in such a way that everyone gets tempted towards him after watching his outstanding performance. Heath Ledger locked himself in the room for 2 months or six weeks to understand a character’s psychology keenly. Heath Ledger undoubtedly nailed the psychopathic nature of that character. In a scene of Bruce Wayne’s penthouse, Michael Caine was afraid by Ledger’s performance that he forgets that he forgets of his lines. And in the same scene, Maggie Gyllenhaal was also anxious by Ledger’s acting that she couldn’t make eye contact with him.

Dark Knight


9. Some roles are immortal. And the role Selina Kyle was one of the highly sought when the movie was being cast. Anna Hathaway ended up by getting a role in this movie, and it was said that she ha very tight competition. But her most physically demanding role to date.


10. The Joker was supposed to play a role in the future movie The Dark Knight Rises. The Trilogy was intended to keep the Joker’s story on the side. The plan of Joker’s return impossible after passing Ledger.